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8/17/05 - 8/20/05

The Salt Lake County Fair! We've been trying for a long time to get into the Salt Lake County Fair and this year our friends at Salt Lake County let us in to dish up the Ice Cream in the events arena.  We enjoyed a concert on the 17th, a horse pull on the 18th, and back to back demolition derbies on the 19th and 20th.  The 20th finished up with a bang - the final match to win the prize money entered in a tie when X44 and X13 cruised across the arena for a head on collision which stuck them together and gave them both the final hit.  They tried to separate unsuccessfully for several minutes before acknowledging a tie - climbing out the front of their cars and shaking hands across the bumpers.  It was a magical day for demolition history.  They ended up splitting the first and second place prize money.  This was the first event where we had the opportunity to really get to know some of our vending neighbors - some of them were cool some of them were lame but either way it was an "educational" experience. I thought vending wars only occurred between ice cream men - little did I know that food vendors at events like this also have vending wars. Luckily we made friends with some great food vendors and were able to trade some ice cream for delicious snacks like funnel cakes and homemade chips. We hope to be back at the fair next year - with our new found education to make next year even better!


Yesterday we had a blast at the FFKR company party.  Choco Tacos were the most popular bar followed by who else? SPONGE BOB! We have tons of events coming up so watch the calendar and visit us where you can.  In preparation for our upcoming events we made a few supplies runs recently and have been amused at the fact that our supplier now only accepts cash! I guess there are too many dishonest scallywags sailing the concrete seas to accept checks or credit cards any longer. We did have the privilege of picking up a new bar - actually the return of a classic - THE GREAT WHITE SHARK! It's fruity delicious and the wenches new favorite.


Games acomming mateys! Our good friend Caleb Ogden at Convina has been spending some spare time building a cool game for all the mateys.  He's posted his initial work on the Swashbuckling Fun Page.  In this game as the Captain of the Transporter you'll be battling enemy vessels firing your cannons at them and perhaps also firing ice cream at needy mateys.  Check it out and tell Caleb what a good job he's doing!


The Fort Herriman Days this year were held on Saturday, June 25th.  The day started out right with a parade in the morning where we fired 1000 otter pops from the transporter cannons along the route.  My first mate and I rode along with some mini pirates and my brother in the parade.  I hollered out the window at all the little mateys "Ye Mateys Ready for ICE CREAM?" and if they gave a good shout back I'd shout "Load the Cannons......FIRE!" at which point my Powder Monkey, Dan, would fire delicious otter pops from the bus.  It was very fun and very funny and I wish we would've caught some of it on film. Along the parade route we drove by a lone Ice Cream Picaroon vending Ice Cream to parade goers - she gave a wave and we waved back.  At the end of the parade we'd worn out our little mateys who went home and we set up shop for the day at the fair. It was a small fair, but lots of little mateys and neighbors.  The same Ice Cream Picaroon we'd seen on the parade route was also at the fair, but she was very friendly and came and talked for a while. Unfortunately there were some evil Sirens at the fair who's annoying screeching was a nuisance to the captain, however, the first mate gave them a good tongue lashing and put them in their place upon her return to the ship. There was a big celebration in the evening where prizes were thrown out to the crowd. I went to try to win some booty and in a stroke of luck a $100 gift certificate was thrown my way.  It hit the head of the man in front of me and brushed my fingers before falling to the ground.  I hurriedly got down on my knees and made a grab for it, but as I was about to snatch it up the man who's head it had hit pushed me over and he grabbed it. I lay stunned on the ground and a good man from my neighborhood helped me to my feet.  That evening at the end of the festivities there was a terrific fireworks show and we sailed back to port.  Thanks Herriman City for letting us pillage your fair and we hope you'll invite us back next year!

In other news I found a cool site that has tons of cool information about pirates including pirate words and the little known fact that pirates originally enjoyed a form of mini-golf. Check it out at


I don't know about you all, but I always thought being a Pirate was "living the dream" for us all. If not piracy at least being the ice cream man. What could be better then cruising around in a sweet ride - playing sweet jingling tunes and dishing out delicious goodies to happy kids all day long? Well it turns out I was wrong. On my way in to work the other day I came across the following. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Ice Cream Pirates Request a Drive By